Hello everyone! Welcome to the "Studio créatif" of France Telecom R&D total evolution!

The "Studio créatif" of France Telecom R&D is positioned upstream of the innovation process with the mission of generating new and surprising ideas combining multi-disciplinary competencies, including those of sociologists, marketers, engineers and designers.

For the last few months, the "Studio créatif" has distinguished itself by its active participation in artistic events: exhibitions, shows and artists in residence.

Does the confrontation of researchers and artists seem incongruous to you? Well, it's just the discrepancy that this implies that interests us. Even more so as the benefit is unquestionable for the two parties. One on hand, the artists seize the opportunity to express themselves with exceptional material and technological resources. On the other, France Telecom R&D researchers observe and get inspiration from the alternate use of technologies that result from the artistic approach. The exchanges of knowledge, know-how and imagination contribute to enriching the concepts and works imagined and developed by the "Studio créatif" team. The goal is to develop a future vision of technological evolutions and anticipate new uses in private and professional life.

The result? For a start, enriching collaborations with Maurice Benayoun, Karine Saporta, Olivier Koechlin, Arnaud Pérennes, Bernard Gortais, and the Enghien Centre des Arts, which succeeded in conceiving new communication interfaces for the telecom sector, staging telecom services concepts and illustrating concepts that originated with brainstorming and study sessions:

Dip into the "Galery of the Imaginery", where surfers' fears and dreams are revealed (a sociological study), artists experiment with their fantasies about the Internet, and young people express themselves on taboo subjects. And in the plethora of preposterous and remarkable ideas of science fiction authors, try to project yourself into the future…

Continue your visit in "Virtuality and Friendliness" or sensory communication, via new interfaces. As the pages appear, smell, touch, look and communicate, with gestures, with your feelings and emotions, through tomorrow's interfaces. The various productions of "Studio créatif" teams are illustrated with video clips.

Then take a break in the travel heading dedicated to "e-tourism" to discover – from the Nimble Chamois island to Paris Studios – new mobile telecommunication services through very original graphic and video illustrations.

And to finish off, what do you know about communicating clothing? And of this latest innovation we hear so much about – the flexible fiber optical screen?